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A Secured Career in Art & Craft

Art & Craft is a piece of work that has the power to attract a person's eye to observe or view due to its beauty and presentable look. These are entirely human creations. Being skilled at work involves the application of techniques that can be easily learned. The imagination of the mind leads to application. An artist dwells in each and every person. Recognition of the skill is the only need. With proper education in art and craft, students can find long term career prospects in business, education and art design.

Crafts practiced independently or in small groups are often referred to as studio craft which includes studio pottery, metalwork, paper and glass art, etc. Here an artist works alone or in a small group.

A Secured Career in Art & Craft Field

Art & Crafts practice has been continued since time immemorial. The history of India is a story of unbroken traditions that have continued for years. Art can be depicted in the rock carvings. Since ancient times art & craft has had a place among the people. Even it became the trade and source of living. Lack of electricity inspired them to create lamps, utensils etc to fulfill their daily needs. Women then were not left untouched by fashion. Their keen interest in looking beautiful and attractive led them to take up the craft as a hobby and cheapest means to groom themselves. The idea of making jewelry evolved from a different form of art which today has taken the form of industry. The lack of proper education craft was limited to a particular group only.

Nowadays the use of art & craft has grown up. The use of handmade items has attracted many of us. Even gifting such items, using decorative pieces is much more common today. Showrooms can be easily located with such items. The use of waste materials is much needed in the craft. The purpose of applying art to the articles of utility is twofold: first to add beauty to the result of the work done. Secondly to add pleasure to the work created. The market for art & crafts is booming today. Everywhere craft items can be noticed. Art & Craft has successfully occupied places even in malls where such items are sold at a high price. Even today's fashion and style have not been left untouched.

Today old myth has been broken that craft is just a hobby. Today it stands with other professional courses like engineering, medical, banking, mnc's, etc. The scope to earn name, fame, and money is vast. Above all, sure to get appreciation and self-satisfaction.

Career Prospects

To date, Art & Craft has been looked upon as a hobby course but now career prospect is vast. Numerous opportunities can be found. Craft is a vast field in itself. One can specialize even in one field of craft and proceed further. Crafts include Paper Mache, Gift Packing, Quilling Art, Candle Making, Envelopes, Paper Bags, Paper Craft, Soft Toys, etc. Now one can easily visualize career security. Freelancing work can be done for the supply of gift items for Corporate, Advertising Agencies, etc. Conducting workshops with event organizing companies.

When it comes to earning, its just limitless. It totally depends on devotion, quality, and aspects of the art form. Creativity, Imagination, and Labor lead to income beyond measure.

Introduced to Educate the Students to Excel to Build Up Career.

Seeing a vast career in Art & Craft, Himanshu Art Institute has been imparting education in this field since 1997. Course Content included is designed as such to cover all the most popular items of the market and is non-comparable to any other institutes.

A specialized team of teachers for guidance and support. Though classes are run in a group, every student gets special attention for their improvement. All the teachers are market professionals to keep the students updated. Students are guided to polish up their art skills. They are prepared to face the challenges of the world with confidence. Students gain ample experience throughout the session and especially during the internship period. The institute organises corporate workshops, seminars, art studio work, exhibitions, etc time to time. Students have a choice.

Best Institute of Art & Crafts in Delhi, India

Himanshu Art Institute also conducts short term hobby courses on different subjects without any educational eligibility. Anyone and of any age group can join to fulfill their urge for art & craft. The benefit is also numerous for doing this course. One gets fully trained in particular art. Specialization can lead to the satisfaction of your art hunger.

Himanshu Art Institute includes diploma and certificate in art & crafts, besides short courses such as Quilling Art, Soft Toy Making, Candle Making, Gift Packing, Paper Craft, Paper Mache, Relief Work and Resin Art you can also benefit from these courses.

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