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Career in Art Fields

Fasted Growing Art Fields

Art and craft, since ages, has been an impressive form of expression that has undergone transformation over the years. The Indian art and craft has been recognized for its aesthetic appeal, beauty and innovative techniques that showcase the creativity and dexterity of the artisans. With explosion in this sector more and more professionals are now getting attracted to this profession and nurturing their skills to make a career in it.

Art & Craft is some piece of work that has a power to attract person's eye to observe or view due to its beauty and presentable look. These are entirely human creation. Being skilled work, involves the application of techniques which can be easily learnt. Imagination of mind leads to application. An artist dwells in each and every person. Recognition of the skill is the only need. With proper education in art and craft , students can find long term career prospects in business, education and art design.

Crafts practiced independently or in small groups are often referred to as studio craft which includes studio pottery, metal work, paper and glass art etc. Here an artist works alone or in a small group.

Earlier art & craft was more or less taken up for hobby purpose to satisfy their hunger of art and for decoration purpose. College going girls took up art as pastime work through they thought they could utilize their free time and fill relaxed from the study load. Most common art were mehandi, soft toy making, flower making, fabric painting, batik painting, emboss painting etc which attracted them as they could be used as decorative item for home and for gift purpose. The appreciation from others used to bring a sweet smile on the faces of the artisans. This hobby sometimes turned out to be a way to earn their living at the time of crisis which automatically turned into profession.

By the passage of time the demand of art & craft items increased in the market which led the art lovers take it as their prime occupation. Nowadays the use of art & craft has grown up. Use of handmade items have attracted much of us. Even gifting such items, using of decorative pieces are much common today. Showrooms can be easily located with such items. Use of waste materials have increased. The art lovers get appreciation as well as good profit to meet up their daily needs. The growing demand as well as recognition lead to the growth of this art & craft industry. Nowadays people have keen interest in taking up this as their professional course to polish up the hidden art in them and plan a career.

Career in Fine Art and Craft Career in Fine Art and Craft Career in Fine Art and Craft Career in Fine Art and Craft

Career in Fine Art

Fine Art is a creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. The artist can paint their own ideas on canvas without any pressure. It is rooted in drawing and design – based work such as painting.

Painting is a centuries old form of fine art that involves spreading paint on a canvas to create a picture. The most popular types of colours include Oil Colour, Water Colour, Acrylic Colour, Mix Media. Traditional canvas include cloth canvases and paper canvas. Students practice and experience hands-on training in Painting, Sketching and Drawing.

Scope - Associated fields are Manufacturers, Work as a Freelancer, Art Studio, Faculty Members in Institutes and Schools etc.

Career in Applied Art

The Applied Art is the application of design and decoration to everyday objects to make them aesthetically pleasing. The fields of industrial design, graphic design , fashion design are considered applied arts. In a creative and abstract context, the fields of architecture and photography are also considered applied arts. The commercial arts students can choose to join any art studio, advertising agency or the designing industry. In the field of designing one can opt to become a graphic designer wherein one is engaged in developing visual aids such as logos and designs for commercial houses or create illustrations for books and magazines in a publishing house.

Scope - Employment can be as Designer in Publishing Houses, Software Companies, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Comic Artist etc.

Career in Art & Craft

By the passage of time the demand of handmade items or well said craft items have increased in the market. People show keen interest in the art & craft product for decoration at home/business place and for gifting purpose. Even for decoration in events, marriage, festivals and different functions craft has taken up and creativity can be seen all around these days. So career can be well planned as it can be even worked from home and the options are varied. After the successful completion of the course, students find themselves well aware of the market trend and demand. Assistance is provided to build up a career in it.

Scope - Teach in school / Institute, Indulge in business self or with corporate, Freelancer, Export etc.