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Himanshu Art Institute offers Hobby and Professional Courses in Drawing, Painting, Art & Craft for All Age Groups

Mr.Mohit Manocha

Mr. Mohit Manocha strongly believes in God. He believes “Human is the creation of God, the entire world’s beauty is designed by God. From here the “Origin of Art” started. Art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of exquisite objects. Art word stands for creativity”.

An art devotee since childhood, he received training under renowned artists, reputable institutes and art studios. His never-ending keenness to promote art led him into establishing Himanshu Art Institute which is spreading awareness towards art all around. Since its establishment, it has been opening new horizons in the field of art by assembling art workshops, painting competitions, exhibitions for all age groups to encourage and exhibit hidden and unexplored talent. Over the past, Himanshu Art Institute has groomed raw artistic skill into astral talent.

Also runs an NGO “Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation” to promote art and trying to give a platform to set up the career of poor children through exhibitions, stage shows, etc.

Mohit Manocha, Founder of Himanshu Art Institute