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Admission Procedure of Degree, Diploma and Certificate Course in Fine Art, Applied Art, Drawing & Painting, Art & Craft

Rules and Regulations

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Campus Classes

  1. Admission
    1. The student must submit his / her two passport size photograph at admission time or within a week otherwise Rs 50/- weekly fine will be charged.
    2. The student must submit his / her fee before the due date otherwise Rs 30/- per day will be charged as a late fee fine.
    3. The student must not absent in the class without informing the teacher otherwise Rs 150/- per absence will be charged as an absence fine and classes will not be adjustable. The student will be responsible for his / her loss in studies due to his / her absence.
    4. If the student's course is not completed on time for any reason, then the Institute offers a grace period for one month to the student in which he /she can complete his / her course.
    5. Additional annual charges of the educational trip, art exhibition, occasion parties & celebrations are compulsory for all students of the diploma course.
    6. All the updates related to Himanshu Art Institute activities / courses / events will be provided on our official website wwww.himanshuartinstitute.com / www.himanshuartinstitute.co.in or our Whatsapp group. If any of our representatives make any invalid commitments the management will not be responsible for it.
    7. Institute will be closed on all Gazetted Holidays and classes not adjustable.
    8. The institution has the right to exclude students who violate discipline and violate rules.
    9. Parents and students are responsible to check the health conditions of their child / own and ensure that he / she is medically fit before attending classes. First-Aid kit will be available at the center for basic treatment.
  2. Inside the Classroom
    1. Mobile should be in silent mode and don't use it in the classroom.
    2. Attend your class only during the prescribed timing of batch. Punctuality and discipline is a must.
    3. After using institution material keep the things at their proper place in the classroom.
    4. Don’t touch any artwork displayed in the classroom and keep your classroom clean, it's your responsibility.
    5. Don't leave any kind of your own material on the class premises, otherwise, the institute will not be responsible for your loss.
    6. After completion of your artwork / craftwork, take away with you within a week.
  3. Examination
    1. 85% attendance is mandatory for collecting certificate/diploma and certificate/diploma will be awarded only after the submission of the portfolio or passing the examination.
    2. After the completion of the course, the student is required to submit an assignment to get a certificate / diploma. Assignments can be submitted in the year before the date given below.
      1. 31 March
      2. 30 June
      3. 30 September
      4. 31 December
  4. Fee and Refund Policy
    1. The fee will not be refundable / adjustable / transferable, due to any reason after submitting
    2. If you have any problem-related to timings, you can get some adjustments done after getting approval from the director, but any refunds are not in the provision.
    3. Due to any reason the name is dropped from the register then re-admission fee is mandatory to continue the course.
    4. The course is valid for the candidate who has been enrolled, it cannot be transferred to any of his relatives or friends.
    5. If the check bounces, a fine of Rs 500 / - will be charged.
    6. After completion of the grace period, the fee will be charged by the institution from 300 / - to 600 / - per class.