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Online National Level Art Competitions

Himanshu Art Institute organises online national-level competitions for art lovers and professional artists related to drawing, painting art & craft.

Online Competitions

Online Contest - What is Art?
Online Contest - What is Art? Open to All

If you love art, then participate in this online writing contest,
express your feelings towards art and win cash prizes. Express your feelings towards art in at least 50 words, also describe what kind of art you like and what is the importance of that art in your life.

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Online Competition - Creativity with Positivity
Creativity with Positivity Eligibility : Above 15 Years

The online art competition 'Creativity with Positivity' organised by Himanshu Art Institute was successful. In this online competition, hundreds of participants from most of the states of India took part with great enthusiasm and they were encouraged to move forward in society. In terms of age, the competition was divided into two groups, In both groups of the competition, the winners were given first prize - 3000 / -, second prize - 2000 / -, third prize - 1000 / - as prizes. In addition, citations were certificates to all the participants participating in the competition.

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