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Online Writing Contest

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The Result will be Declared on 20th December 2020

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(Check After 7th December 2020)

  • 1st Prize : 3000/-
  • 2nd Prize : 2000/-
  • 3rd Prize : 1000/-

20 shortlisted participants can apply for the scholarship in online art courses
Digital Participation Certificate for All Participants

  • The online "What is Art?" contest is being organised by Himanshu Art Institute.
  • The main objective of this contest has been to promote art and to know the views and trend of artists towards their art.
  • There is no participation fee for the contest.
  • The participant can apply only once for the contest.
  • The minimum 5 art lover friends you tag in this contest should not be from any business, spam, or fake accounts.
  • Winners are selected by honorable judges and their judgment will be final.
  • The scholarship will be valid only on the selected certificate courses given below.
  • The participant can apply only for one course from the above mention courses.
  • All courses for the scholarship will be provided online.
  • For selected courses, the admission fee will be payable by the participant while 100% discount will be given on the course fee.
  • For more information related to the course, check out the information page of the course
  • The deadline for participating in the contest is 30th November 2020
  • The result will be declared on 20th December 2020 on our official website
  • The contest organisation committee has the ultimate authority to interpret the rules and regulations and has the right to make any changes to them if necessary.
  • Any changes in the rules and regulations for the contest will be posted on the organisation website
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