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Workshop for WomenCandle Making Workshop

Who doesn't love decorating their home or apartment with a beautiful candle? They add warmth and light to every space and just generally make your home feel cozier. If seen, interest in candles is more common among women than men in the modern era. Candles are a great way to bring light and fragrance into a room, and making them yourself is a fun craft project. To get started, all you’ll need is wax, a candle mold, a wick, and any fragrance or color you want your candle to have. Once you’ve made your candles, you can use your homemade candles to decorate your home or give them to friends and family as gifts!

Online Candle Making Workshop for Women in Delhi
On-Campus Online

On Campus

Duration:3 Sessions
Time:2 hrs
Work Type:Gel & Paraffin Candles
Workshop Fee:4000/-
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