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Workshop for Young & AdultsCalligraphy Writing Workshop

Calligraphy is the art of fine handwriting. The word itself stemmed from the Greek word “Kalligraphia”, meaning beautiful writing. Almost any occasion that requires a pen can be done with calligraphy. Writing a letter, posters, flyers, invitations, and advertising is a few areas of application. Here the also different medium is used to enhance the beauty of any write-up. This art of calligraphy has become very advanced today, now it is not limited to pen or brush but today any material can be used for writing. You will get much new creativity to learn in this calligraphy workshop..

Online Calligraphy Writing Workshop for Young and Adults in Delhi
On-Campus Online

On Campus

Age Group:Above 12 Years
Duration:3 Sessions
Time:2 hrs
Work Type:Use of Brush & Pen
Workshop Fee:3000/-
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